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Three Ways to Convert a YouTube file into MP3

We all use YouTube and that too daily. It has now become a part of our life, where we browse all of our life problems, whether it’s a small one of a big one, whether we want to learn cooking or want to solve some mathematics problem; YouTube finds the solution for us.

If you need to convert a YouTube to MP3 file then there are few ways which you can use and can get your work done. Here are few of the ways you need to know if you want a YouTube to MP3 download.

1.     One way to convert a YouTube file into MP3 is that you use a conversion website. There are tons of available on the internet and most of them are free. All you have to do is copy the URL and paste it on the conversion website, and download it, Simple.


2.     Another way is that you can use the extension to download the YouTube file into MP3. You can simply add the extension in your web browser. There will be many extensions available, choose the one which is free. It is easily available on every web browser, follow the instructions and download it. Once it is installed, you can easily do YouTube to MP3 download.


3.     The last way to do the conversion of YouTube to MP3 is that you can install the software. Just Google ‘YouTube to MP3 conversion Software’ and you will get many links of free software’s, which you can use to convert the file. Once the software is downloaded, All you need to do is find the video on YouTube, which you want to convert, then copy the URL and paste it on the software, which you downloaded.

 So, these are few of the ways you can use to convert the YouTube file into MP3, to know more about it please visit